What is qubi?

Qubi is a cutting-edge venture studio that specializes in co-founding, developing, and launching 2-3 innovative startups per year. With a core focus on deep technology solutions, Qubi Studio aims to create transformative and disruptive companies that have a lasting impact on industries and society.

Our team of operators and vast network of skilled engineers are dedicated to building and launching products. Qubi's makes available an advisory team fully capable and proven to launch successful software. With an impressive track record, having serviced esteemed clients such as HUMBL, IBM, and CISCO.


Chief Executive Officer
Data & Financial Analysis Professor UCLA
Former CEO ZealReserve Hedge Fund

Former Director of Operations HUMBL
Co-founder Full Potential
Chief Product Officer
Advisor WinSanTor
Former CPO attnlive


Product Advisor
GP Futurum
Advisor HUMBL Office of CEO
PlanetPro Advisor
Kellton Tech Stategy consultant: Cisco, IBM, Comcast, AT&T
Product Advisor
President & CPO  Kajabi
Former CPO TikTok & Amazon
Biotech & Healthcare Advisor
CEO & Founder Winsantor
Former CEO & Founder Emotient (Apple Face ID)
Tokenomics Advisor
CEO & Founder Tokensoft
Launched 40+ Billion in market cap
Investment Advisor
CEO Famecast Media
Former CEO Fliqs Media
Former CEO DaveTV
Former CEO ITV
Founder Applied Semantic (Google Adsense)
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